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  Initial Consultation and Proposal

I come take a look at your site and spend at least an hour with you, reviewing what you currently have, what it is you want your landscape to do for you, what your budget is, etc. I charge a consultation fee and subtract that from the final design fee should you hire me.

After our meeting, I prepare a proposal, detailing the project scope and the subsequent design fee.

  Three Available Design Options



Option 1: Full Design

With this option I create an on-paper landscape plan that you can use to install your landscape yourself or to obtain contractor bids to install it for you.

Phase 1: Site Analysis - I assess your site, taking measurements and photographs while documenting existing structures, plantings and other issues specific to your project.

Phase 2: Preliminary Design - I present a proposed conceptual design, which indicates recommended locations of plants and hardscaping elements. During this phase, I'll also present photos of the plants I'm suggesting.

Phase 3: Final Design - Based on your feedback of the preliminary design, I then rework the design to whatever degree necessary—at no additional charge—to incorporate your input and create the final plan. The final plan summarizes our agreed-upon design and includes installation-level details of both plants and hardscaping elements.



Option 2: Plant Selection and Placement

If you don't need an “on-paper” landscape plan, consider the plant selection and placement option.

Phase 1: Site Analysis - I assess your site and document its features, taking measurements as needed.

Phase 2: Plant Selection - I present a palate of recommended plants, including photos and descriptions. Once we agree on which plants to use, I develop a final plant list with the quantities and sizes of plants needed.

Phase 3: Plant Placement - Once you have plants delivered to your site (and I can help you with this part, too), I place them in their appropriate location, ready for installation.



Option 3: Consultation: “I just need some ideas and someone to talk to about my yard.”

Sometimes you just want fresh ideas and another opinion. So as a third option, I offer hourly consultations, where we review what you have and what you want and brainstorm the possibilities.

  Additional Services

             The following services are available at an hourly rate:

            •  Consultation with contractors or other landscape professionals prior to or during
                installation to ensure that the landscape is installed as designed, or to create
                modifications to the design if required or requested.

            •  Visits to nurseries or supply stores with client to select plants or fountains,
                benches, tiles, stone, iron features, lighting fixtures, garden art, etc.

            •  On-site placement of plants and on-site design of pots/urns.